Experimental Investigations of Combustion Kinetics Using Shock Tubes

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01.01.2019 to 31.12.2025
Organizational Unit:
Combustion Fundamentals
German Research Foundation (DFG)



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The main goal of the Cluster of Excellence “The Fuel Science Center“ is to replace fossil fuels by more sustainable options. For a better understanding of the combustion processes of these fuels, kinetic models are needed, which are created within this project. Additionally, experimental data is measured that can, for example, be used for the validation of the kinetic models. In the shock tube ignition delay times are measured for different fuel compositions and pressures. Besides the ignition delay time measurements also species concentration profiles can be measured. Therefore, a rapid sampling technique is used. With this technique samples can be taken from the shock tube at different times of the combustion process. This samples are then examined qualitatively and quantitatively in a gas chromatography - mass spectrometry system. Species profiles can also be measure in situ with a dual comb quantum cascade laser. Here, the IRIs-F1 laser from IRsweep is used. This saser has such a high repetition that it allows time resolved measurement, even in the short period of a combustion event (up to 1 ms in a shock tube).