Closed Carbon Cycle (C³) Mobility- Climate Neutral Fuels for the Traffic of the Future

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01.08.2018 to 31.07.2021
Organizational Unit:
Combustion Fundamentals
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

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C3-Mobility is one of 15 research associations of the research initiative “energy transition in the transport sector” of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The framework of the initiative is a 16th association – the accompanying research. The initiative forms an interface between the energy and transport sectors. Hence, a variety of synergies can be exploited, and interdisciplinary approaches can be used to research new and electricity-based fuels for transport by road, water and air. The political options for action to achieve the climate protection goals of Paris are also being expanded by the sectoral link between energy and transport. The first projects – also C3-Mobility – already started in autumn 2018. They all look at the production, transport or use of electricity-based fuels from different perspectives.

The accompanying research generates results from the individual associations and prepares them for better comparability using a comprehensive data concept. In addition, it serves to network with each other and shows further synergies. At the end of the term, there will be a guide to action options for researching, developing, producing, using and bringing to market synthetic fuels

Basic ignition delay time measurements are used to investigate the combustion properties of various potential alternative fuels, at the HGD. The newly developed kinetic models can be used for subsequent CFD simulations to carry out the applications in the combustion engine outside the test bench and thus save resources

The focus of this project is on the investigation of fuel blends with different alcohols for spark-ignition as well as compression ignition applications.


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