Kinetics Shock Tube

  You can see a whole picture of the Shocktube in the laboratory Copyright: © HGD

The high-pressure shock tube of the former PCFC is used to investigate the auto-ignition behavior of novel bio-hybrid fuels. In this process, a fuel/air mixture is compressed almost instantaneously and homogeneously to a temperature above the ignition temperature using a shock. The characteristic time (100 µs to 2 ms) to auto-ignition is then determined using fast-acting pressure sensors and a photomultiplier.

To generate the shock, an aluminum membrane is systematically caused to burst, whereupon the shock travels from the high-pressure section (3.0 m) into the low-pressure section (4.2 m) and is then reflected at the end wall. This produces temperatures of 600 to 1400 K and pressures of 10 up to 50 bar. By using high-strength stainless steel, explosion pressures of 500 bar and wall temperatures of up to 150 °C may be achieved.