Teaser: Research Areas

Color Schlieren image of a contour flow © Copyright: HGD

Gas Dynamics

Our research on gas dynamics.

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Burning oil droplet © Copyright: HGD

Combustion Fundamentals

Our work on the field of combustion kinetics.

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Supersonic nozzle with optical access © Copyright: HGD

Current Projects

This will lead you to a list of all projects.

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Experimental Facilities

Rapid Compression Machine of the HGD © Copyright: HGD

A variety of experimental facilities can be found at the chair. Details can be found here.

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Numerical Simulations

3D simualtion of a wing profile © Copyright: HGD

Numerical simulations of gasdynamic processes is one of the competences of the chair.. Additional information can be found here.

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Generic measurement device © Copyright: Webteam RWTH

Benefit from our experience regarding advanced measurement techniques.

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Books © Copyright: Webteam RWTH

For both the field of gas dynamics and combustion kinetics several publications have been made by the chair. A full list with search function can be found here.

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