Rocket Engine Testbench


The Space Team Aachen is building a hybrid rocket motor test bench on site of the Shock Wave Laboratory as part of their project STAHR (Space Team Aachen Hybrid Rocket). The test bench will be used to test a 0.5 kN hybrid rocket motor with a burn time 5 seconds at the SWL. This rocket motor will use a combination of paraffin wax as solid fuel and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) as liquid oxidizer. After successful operation and evaluation of the 0.5 kN rocket motor, the test bench will be equipped with a 3 kN engine with a burn time of up to 20 seconds. This engine will be specifically designed for the STAHR rocket and is expected to take it to an altitude of up to 10 km in 2024. Part of the corresponding rocket motor tests will be conducted externally, for which the test bench was implemented in a container. This way, the rocket motor can be tested at different sites.