Shock Tube (Q54)


The shock tube Q54 is made of stainless steel. Its low pressure section has a square cross-section that allows the observation of the whole flow cross-section. Therefore, the facility is especially suited for the optical study of shock waves, explosions and detonation waves as well as the accompanying instationary flow and ignition phenomena. The reflection of such waves at obstacles, the diffraction of shock waves at convex corners and their focusing by means of different reflectors have been studied with this shock tube, too. Various test sections with high-grade windows are available. Two mixing vessels allow the preparation of gaseous mixtures by the partial pressure method. The spark-ignition arrangement is capable of igniting mixtures down to a pressure of only 20 mbar (acetylene-oxygen).

As optical measurement methods, Mach-Zehnder interferometry, holographic interferometry and different colour schlieren systems are available. At present, a rotating-mirror camera for time-resolved black and white schlieren imaging at a framing rate of up to 1 MHz is installed.