Hypersonic Shock Tunnel (TH2)


This shock tunnel is capable to produce flow conditions which are close to those during the reentry of a space plane into the earth's atmosphere. Its main purpose is to study the flow field around typical re-entry bodies or hypersonic space planes. Flow velocities up to 4.8 km/s have been achieved which result in stagnation temperatures of up to 7400 Kelvin.

These high temperatures lead to real gas effects like vibrational excitation of molecules and dissociation which influence the flow around such a body. A main goal is to achieve the same real gas effects in the shock tunnel as they occur in reality during reentry. These extreme flow conditions can be produced in a shock tunnel only for a few milliseconds so that special measurement techniques are required.

The shock tunnel TH2 can alternatively be operated with a conventional helium driver or with a detonation driver in the upstream mode. The latter one allows to extend the simulation range especially to higher stagnation enthalpies. The flow acceleration takes place in a slender conical nozzle with 5,8° half opening angle which allows Mach numbers at the nozzle exit between 6 and 12 and Reynolds numbers up to 1 Million based on a typical model length of 0.25m.

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Technical data
T0 [K] 1100 - 7400
p0 [bar] 55 - 830
Ma [-] 6.6 - 12.1
Re [106/m] 0.8 - 16.5